Camping CND

Camping 2022

Centre National de la danse, Pantin, Île de France.

Making the serious funny
Shift, overflow, twist, undo. To stumble. With joy and horror. Exaggerate. To make room for comedy. Bring in props, make-up and costumes. Compose an act: a short scene that is worked on every day for a week - collectively - and that is intended for anyone. Its objective is to make the serious laugh. To propose a body-catastrophe, disturbing. For that, it is necessary a certain practice of the disorder, the disobedience and the wisdom of the multiple. It is necessary to choose a single function that runs through the whole stage (to make the stage a reflection of the artist? Playing an act as a tactic to defeat a rotten policy? ). You also have to work on an emotion (joy, horror, fear, tenderness). Remain modest and never be satisfied with solutions that are too simple. Play with a self-constituted situation. Task: to make a scene-figure-sponge thirsting for imagination for which a taste for contestation is welcome.

Camping 2019
Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, Île de France.

Volmir Cordeiro suggests using one of the scenes from his show L’œil la bouche et le reste to produce an erotic bestiary made up of half-human, half-animal creatures where the borderline between bodies and “envelope-skins” becomes a space to be negotiated thanks to hands, eyes, mouths, teeth, odours… Being with others via anatomical and sensorial combinations makes us become extrovert subjects – turned towards the exterior – taken up by the challenge to lose our own individuality, in favour of an upcoming community.

Camping 2018
Centre National de la Danse, Les Subsistances, Lyon.

Acting, performing, interacting, experimenting, creating a situation, taking a position, drawing a posture and facing up: these are some of the strategies of collective gestures that will guide us during these days. Open space and constant circulation, the workshop will be about sharing a social material as an artistic form. We will create tableaux, choreographies, spectacular moments, but above all it will be a question of producing exchanges and fractures in our ways of looking at ourselves at work. The face, the address, the word and a festive atmosphere will be effective presences.

Camping 2017
Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, Île de France.

The face looks
Following on from his most recent creation,L’œil la bouche et le reste, Volmir Cordeiroexplores the subject of the face by examiningthe gaze, speech and the face-to-face. Express-ing feelings, speaking, presenting yourself,envisaging a collective future through theeyes. By seeing the face as the social aspect ofthe self, the workshop will explore the face’sactivity and receptiveness, focusing on theeyes and mouth, but also on the cheeks, earsand nose. Participants will examine the emo-tions and their externalisation, self-control,display and concealment in this explorationof behaviour and the expressiveness and stimulation of the gaze.

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