• 2021


Outrar means becoming the other, being contaminated by the other in a practice of continuous exchange. After her successful choreographic masterpiece Fúria – an explosive performance that caused a stir on the main stage of the Théâtre National at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in 2019 – Lia Rodrigues returns to share a work, constructed collectively with her company in Brazil and imagined during these last month of health crisis caused by Covid-19. Faced with the impossibility of travelling – and the necessity to be in Brazil – she worked online together with the artists from her dance company and with musicians from different backgrounds to create a new project for the festival, a dispositive in which the choreography travels from continent to continent, and from body to body. Outrar is a series of choreographic inputs and a sonic letter sent from Brazil to Brazilian who are based in Europe today: a powerful journey at the threshold between distance and proximity.



PARIS, France. 02 March 24. Musée Quai Branly.
VALENCIA, Spain. 22 October 23. Festival Mutant 23.
TENERIFE, Spain. 1 July 23. Espacio de las artes de Tenerife.
COMBOURG, France. 17 Juin 23. Festival Extension Sauvage.
PANTIN, France. 27 May 23. 1km de Danse, Centre National de la Danse.
GENTILLY, France. 29 March 23. Biennale de la danse du Mal de Varne, Le Générateur.
BORDEAUX, France. 28 January 23 . Festival Trente-Trente.
VAL D'OISE, France. 12 November 22. Fondation Royaumont.
CHATEAU-THIERRY, France. 8 October 22. Nuit de la danse. L'Échangeur. (2x)
PAU, France. 1 and 2 Ocotober 22. Espaces Pluriels.
VALENCIENNES, France. 21 September 22. Espace Pasolini.
TOULON, France.17 September 22. Festival Constellations.
VILLAMALEA, Spain. 30 July 22. Festival Paisaje.
AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France. 2 July 22. Fondation Vasarély. (Avec Festival Parllèle).
MAINZ, Allemagne. 18 May. Tanskongress 2022.(2x)
AUBERVILLIERS, France. 26 March 22. La Station Gare des Mines.
NANCY, France. 22 March 2021. Les Ballets de Lorraine.
VITRY-SUR-SEINE,France. 25 September 2021. Musée MACVAL, festival Excentriques.
VITRY-SUR-SEINE,France. 3 and 10 July 2021. La Briqueterie (CDCN). France
BRUXELLES,Belgium 20-25 mai 2021. Kunstenfestivaldesarts. (Première)

Coreography, interpretation, costumes
Volmir Cordeiro
Bruno Pace
Project Conception
Lia Rodrigues in collaboration with
Amalia Lima, Leonardo Nunes, Carolina Repetto, Valentina Fittipaldi, Andrey Silva, Larissa Lima, Ricardo Xavier
Original soundtrack created and performed by
Zeca Assumpção, Henk Zwart, Mendel, Grupo Cadeira (Inês Assumpção, Jorge Potyguara, Miguel Bevilacqua, Henrique Rabello) and parts of the CD 'Authentic South America 5 , The Amazon'
Editing and mixing
Alexandre Seabra
Werner Strouven


Laurent Goumarre, Libération, 26/02/24 https://www.liberation.fr/forums/volmir-cordeiro-la-danse-qui-deborde-20240225_AN5OTXJSMBFHNE3YLQPJFZ5X6A/?fbclid=IwAR3bCQLuoF1t-Q-_VaRT5bejaEeuHv0HcivGHBGuxasDBA-qWS1SccVOKmA

Ninon Boyer, Happen Bordeaux,  2023 https://www.happen.fr/outrar-un-mirage-outrageusement-jubilatoire/

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