Hipo-thesis for the body or how to grasp the world with a bite

  • 2008

    Hipo-thesis for the body or how to grasp the world with a bite

Hypothesis, written in this way, reinforces the body in a state of supposition and lifting of fragile thoughts that are suitable for confirmation and/or refutable probabilities. In this provisional condition where propositions are tested in action, this work appears as a field of experimentation, to exercise the dancing body and its organization in the scene. It is in and for the body that the hypotheses reside, leaning on the construction of poetic narratives, emphasizing it as an intersection in a provoked collision between the planned demonstration and the adventurous demonstration. The assumptions made to the body start from fragments of the work The Poetic of Reverie (1961), by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962). From them, a chaining metaphor is constructed, striving for the desire to bite, to allow oneself to be bitten, to devour and devour oneself, from gentle surrenders to conditions of despair and diagnosis and comfort and attachment-detachment and sleep and laziness and rest and pinch and hobble and refusal and provocation and containment and overflow.


Volmir Cordeiro
Cleístenes Grött, Manoela Rangel, Marcos Klann, Volmir Cordeiro.
Sound designer
Led Groove.
Lígia Baleiro
Taís Gil
Light designer
Renata Rogowski and Volmir Cordeiro.
Loli Menezes
Phelipe Janning
Andreza Martins

CIC-oficinas de arte
Centro Comunitário do Pantanal
Espaço Sol da Terra

Performance conceived by the Klauss Vianna Dance Funarte Award - Ministry of Culture/Petrobras, presented on April 9th ​​and 10th, 2004 at Teatro Ademir Rosa - CIC, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina - BR.