Donna Volcan

Donna Volcan, Miss Volcano, imagines herself as a transdisciplinary research laboratory for mixing choreographic creation, pedagogy and artistic research.

Donna Volcan, Miss Volcano, conceives the volcanic as the foundation of creation: earth, fire, air, lava, ashes, and drive.

Founded by Volmir Cordeiro in 2018, the company Donna Volcan marks a radical change in the choreographer's life: his displacement from Brazil to France accompanied by his desire to build a career as an artist-researcher. Initially a transitory movement, the company grew and became a laboratory for the creation and diffusion of choreographic works, workshops and research at local, regional, national and international levels. Creation and research are, thus, the heart of the volcano; and dissemination and transmission, its eruption.

Donna Volcan has been developing its projects with the aim of deeply sharing its structure and resources with a constellation of collaborators. That is, it also exists as a support for artists, researchers and other practitioners related to the activities of the company.

Donna Volcan is based in Île de France and supported by the Drac as structuring aid since 2018.

President: Charlotte Imbault

Secretary : Chloé Perol

Treasurer: Carole Rambaud