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The sky is an infinite space that embraces all. I chose this title because the sky does not favor anything, any time, any being. In this addressing dance, the body remained full of people; so full of people, he remained, that the dance was written, thinking that the body was any body. Let me look at you, spectator, let me tell you that one day, I had all these ideas.

Volmir Cordeiro

CIEL (c) Laurent Friquet
CIEL (c) Laurent Friquet
CIEL (c) Laurent Friquet
CIEL (c) Laurent Friquet

Choreography and performance : Volmir Cordeiro
Duration : 30’
With the support of master Essais de l'école supérieure du CNDC d'Angers, direction Emmanuelle Huynh
Thanks to: Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d’Angers, Emmanuelle Huynh, Aymar Crosnier, Anne Kerzerho, Jennifer Lacey, Nuno Bizarro, Isabelle Launay, Claudia Triozzi, Valdete Cordeiro, Lia Rodrigues, Ana Kamozaki, Jamil Cardoso, Anne-Lise Le Gac, Anna Gaiotti, Ana Rita Teodoro, Carolina Campos, Mélanie Papin, Pauline Baillemont, Tidiani N’Diaye et Camila Cruz.


FLORIANÓPOLIS, Brazil, 31 de October 2018, Café com Dança, UDESC e UFSC.
CURITIBA, Brazil. 27 and 28 October 2018, Mostra Solar, Casa Hoffman.
TOULON, France. September 16, Festival Constellations.
PARIS, France. April 5, 6 and 7 2018, Centre Pompidou.
PAU, France. March 21 2018, Espaces Pluriels.
SÃO PAULO, Brazil, September 8, 9, 10 2017, Sesc Belenzinho.
GAND, Belgium. April 29 2017, Campo.
ZURICH, Switzerland. August 25, 26 and 27 2016, Zurich Theater Spektakel.
PORTO, Portugal. June 4 and 5 2016, Museu Serralves, Serralves em Festa.
LA HAVANA, Cuba. May 25 and 26 2016, El Ciervo Encantando, Focus Danse.
LOUVAIN, Belgium. April 12 and 13 2016, Stuk.
VALENCIENNES, France. November 20 2015, Espace Pasolini, Festival NEXT.
BRUXELLES, Belgium. August 22 and 23 2015, Festival International des Brigittines.
CUIABÁ, Brazil. 21 June 2015, Sesc Cuiabá.
POTSDAM, Germany. May 31 and June 1 2015, Fabrik.
CAEN, France. February 4 and 5 2015, Festival Danse d’ailleurs, CCN de Caen.
COMBOURG ET BAZOUGES-LA-PÉROUSE, June 29 and July 31 2014, Extension Sauvage Festival.
BORDEAUX, France. February 6 and 7 2014, Globe théâtre, Festival 30/30.
MARSEILLE, France. January 29 and 31 2014, Festival Parallèle, Kommn’act.
RENNES, France. November 20 and 21 2013, Musée de la Danse, Festival Mettre en Scène.
MONTPELLIER, France. June 30 2013, Schools, Festival Montpellier Danse.
ANGERS, France. June 1 2013, NTA, Samedi en Ville.
GENEVILLIERS, France. May 24 and 25 2013, Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Festival TJCC (direction Philippe Quesne).
WEIMAR, Germany. May 7 2013, Festival Passage Recherche.
ANGERS, France. December 19 2012, Diptyque Brésil, CNDC d’Angers.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil. November 14 and 15 2012, Caixa Cultural, Teatro Nelson Rodrigues, Festival Panorama.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, November 9, 10 2012, Teatro Armando Gonzaga, Festival Panorama.
BOURGES, France. May 30 2012, École de Beaux Arts de Bourges, Je fais ce que je fais, sur l’invitation de Claudia Triozzi.
ANGERS, France. May 25 2012, Le Quai, École Ouverte, Festival Jours Étranges.